A professional valuation service for all your collector vehicle needs!

Each Avenue of Dreams appraisal service is designed to encompass all types of vehicles: Classic * Vintage * Antique * Collector Cars And Trucks * Custom Hot Rods * Special Interest Vehicles * Muscle Cars *

These vehicles are typically owned by private parties and/or collectors.

NOTE: Avenue of Dreams does not provide collision and/or repair estimates, make referrals to sales and/or repair facilities, or buy and sell vehicles. This practice assures that a complete and truly unbiased appraisal is performed.


A Few Of The More Common Reasons For An Appraisal:

  •  Establish A Fair Market Value (FMV) Or Actual Cash Value (ACV)
  •  Aid In Various Insurance Requirements
  •  Satisfy Estate Settlement Claim
  •  Provide Collateral Value For A Loan
  •  Common Insurance Purposes
  •  Estates & Wills
  •  Divorce Settlements
  • Avenue of Dreams is also certified to assist those in need of legal services, such as:
  •  Expert Witness Testimony
  •  Insurance Dispute / Arbitration Representation
  • Price Table

    Note: An additional fee may apply for travel time. Prices subject to change without notice.

    Basic Vehicle Appraisal


    Custom Vehicle Appraisal


    Prior To Loss Appraisal


    Pre-Purchase Inspection



    There is only one way to protect your investment – get it professionally appraised by Avenue of Dreams. The most common appraisals we provide are Actual Cash Value appraisals, also known as Fair Market Value or Replacement Cost Appraisals. Appraising a classic or customized vehicle is a very detailed process and involves documenting and photographing everything about the vehicle that is important to the appraisal. We review the condition and check for originality and document the known history of the vehicle, as well as prior owners (if known) and any notoriety the vehicle may have. Our appraisals are always performed under the strict guidance of USPAP guidelines (The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) which are the generally accepted standards for professional appraisal practice in North America. Our services are available anywhere in the United States as we can handle appraisals by Internet or personal inspection & are willing to travel a reasonable distance in the Southwestern United States. An appraisal on a customized or modified vehicle must also take into account who did the work on the vehicle. These vehicles are rolling pieces of art and their value can depend largely on the various people that have helped them become what they are. As with any vehicle, the history that vehicle has regarding — awards, trophies, magazine covers can greatly affect its value especially if it has any provenance. Avenue of Dreams are very good at assessing the values of specialty vehicles.

    Actual Cash Value Appraisals

    You must take into account the cost of finding a suitable donor vehicle and accurately estimating the cost of exactly duplicating that customized vehicle if it were subject to a total loss. In addition, a typical custom vehicle appraisal will include over 30 digital photos highlighting all of the major features of that automobile.

    Prior to Loss Appraisals

    In our world today, we tend to overlook some of the ways to protect our assets because we are TO BUSY! Don't find yourself in this place when a appraisal can help. When I was younger, I bought a 1970 El Camino SS 396 that was a show car. The engine had just been re worked and just had the best sound coming out of her. It had an Imron paint job (very popular then) and about 8 coats of clear on it. Interior was original but perfect. It had new exhaust, tires/wheels, just a great car. I was about to drive it to the convention center to put it in the "world of wheels" show so it barely had gas in the tank. I backed it into my driveway so I could spray a little more splatter paint in the bed. I then went in for dinner with the family. As it was spring time I left the front door open for some fresh air. About halfway through dinner I heard what sounded like that big block start up! "Did you here that" I asked my dad? "What?" he said. "Did you hear my car startup?". He replied "No!" and went back to his dinner. But I knew my car and I knew that was my engine starting up. I ran outside and the El Camino was gone! All of this happened in two minutes time. We looked everywhere for the car but it was nowhere in sight. It had virtually no fuel in it so they could not have got far. But, we still never found the car. Later that week, my insurance company called me after I had put in the claim and asked if I had a current appraisal of the car? I said "no but I have pictures" which did help a lot. The insurance company ended up telling me that since I didn't have an appraisal they would have to go off book value. I said, "does that car look like a car you would go off "book value" on? But they did not care and for a car that had over $20,000.00 in it the insurance company was only offering me $5500.00. Despite all my efforts to convince the insurance adjuster that this car was worth at least $20,000.00, they just would not budge with their offer. The adjuster for the responsible insurance company decides "That Prior to the Loss" or, immediately before the theft this '70 was worth $20,000.00. That same adjuster has estimated that the cost to replace the stolen El Camino is $5500.00. This was when I learned a great lesson and continue it today to have an appraisal on my cars. With the pictures and the documentation that the El Camino had an appraisal report would have given the appraiser the foundation to negotiate on my behalf. At Avenue of Dreams we are glad to work on your behalf to replace your classic or street rod with a definitive amount. I am in no way promising the same results in every case, but we will work hard for you on your behalf and do our absolute best to represent your best interest in your insurance dispute.

    Do you need an appraisal to establish the pre-loss value of an automobile? When trying to reach a fair value claim settlement with your insurance company, it may be necessary to get an independent car appraisal. Avenue of Dreams uses current market comparables to assist in determining the value of your auto prior to its loss. We consider your vehicle's unique characteristics and provide you with our professional findings by our car appraiser.

    Pre Purchase Inspections

    Are you considering the purchase of a vehicle in the Las Vegas area? Is it a classic car, an antique car or a street rod? Avenue of Dreams can help you make an informed decision so you can buy with confidence. Avenue of Dreams can assist you with a pre-purchase inspection on Classic cars, Antique cars, Street Rods, and Muscle cars from show quality to daily drivers to ensure that the seller's description is accurate. No matter what you're particular requirements/needs, Avenue of Dreams Pre-Purchase Inspection can help. The final results are relayed only to you. No information about you or the vehicle is ever given to the seller.

    Pre-Purchase Inspection consists of a complete and thorough inspection of the vehicle's VIN tag, body and components, normal mechanical components, and interior condition. You'll receive both the "book" value, as well as the street value, what the vehicle is actually worth. Values are established using a combination of up-to-date book values, and current comparable values, along with experienced-expert knowledge. After reviewing this information, you'll know if the vehicle is worth buying, and a realistic purchase price.

    You will also receive an analysis on the basic quality and soundness, upgrades, etc. We also interview with the seller regarding any history, seller information, regarding anything that has been done to the car.

    Avenue of Dreams Pre-purchase Inspection Service Includes:

  • Telephone or email consultation with Jeff before and after his inspection to discuss vehicle condition and possible Market value.
  • A detailed pre-purchase inspection condition report with information documenting the condition and originality of the vehicle you wish to purchase.
  • Our pre-purchase vehicle inspection report includes the decoding of identifying VIN or fender tag numbers at no extra charge.
  • Along with the pre-purchase inspection report, you will receive detailed photographs of the antique, classic, street rod, muscle car, or special interest car providing first hand evidence of the vehicle's condition, inside and out. A copy of the title or registration and pertinent receipts or information made available by seller will be forwarded to client only if a purchase is imminent.
  • After gathering the required information, Jeff will review the pre-purchase inspection and be available to answer questions about the car's condition.
  • The pre-purchase inspection report and photos are available to you on our website to view and download to your computer.
  • Our auto appraisal service includes a current market value assessment of car after we have done research and analysis of the current classic car market.
  • Most pre-purchase inspections are scheduled within 48 hours of the order, but could take longer depending on seller's schedule and vehicle availability.
  • If you decide to purchase the car we can provide a vehicle appraisal certificate to document condition and value for only an additional $100.00( a $150.00 savings) Our auto appraisal service includes a current market value assessment of car after we have done research and analysis of the current classic car market. This auto appraisal certificate may be used for insurance purposes or lending requirements.

    Avenue of Dreams does not buy, sell or broker automobiles. Your interest is our only interest. Our plan is to provide prompt, reliable and personal auto appraisal service that our customers know they can trust. As well, Avenue of Dreams does not provide repair estimates. This practice assures you that a complete and truly unbiased pre-purchase inspection is performed.

    Before you buy your next classic car, antique car, street rod, or muscle car, have an independent pre-purchase inspection completed by Avenue of Dreams. Avenue of Dreams pre-purchase auto inspection service gives you the confidence to buy or walk away